Episode 6

Trailblazing Woman in STEM Patents Technology to Bring Email to Life

Published on: 3rd November, 2020

Today's Guest: A Bit About Lisa Jones

Looking for something different? Well, this podcast is definitely for you! In this episode of Solopreneur Journey, we are joining the upcoming Nov 8, 2020 National STEM Day celebration. The acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and we Lisa Jones, founder of EyeMail Inc sharing her groundbreaking technology.  

In 2004, with a vision to make her own path, Lisa took her concept and began to make it a reality. Through relationships, networking, and determination, Lisa has developed multiple, patent-pending technologies within the digital video-in-email marketing space. The goal of EyeMail is to improve interpersonal connections in our global community though engaging email experiences.

Brief Background of Host of The Solopreneur Journey Podcast, Ex-pat Entrepreneur Jewel Daniels

Jewel Daniels is the head of Daniels Communications Global, a leadership development firm that specializes in executive coaching, cultural competency, and develop leaders. She is also the author of four books, with her latest becoming a bestseller, Three Sides of Every Crisis: Strategies to Sustain Business, Manage Your Career and Take Care of You. The book talks about how to find opportunities in the midst of a crisis by learning to adjust your perspective so you can pivot, strategize, and take action to #kickthecrisis.

About The Solopreneur Journey Podcast

The Solopreneur Journey Podcast reaches out solo entrepreneurs, single-shingle, one-person enterprises who are just starting their business or killin’ it in business. The show is ripe with information for those transitioning from careers to become entrepreneurs and growing to becoming business owners of larger companies.

You will glean lessons from everyday solopreneurs and those who have scaled their business featured as guests who pay it forward to share leadership lessons, the power of collaboration, how to price your goods and services, negotiation, marketing and practicing excellent EQ (emotional intelligence). 

One of the shows strongest offerings is its ability to cover a wide spectrum of industries with people around the globe in a way the appeals to our audience by meeting people where they are along their solopreneur journey.

Fulfilling Your Life’s Greatest Potential


Lisa started as a corporate executive for  the  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) but always knew there was something more within her that she wanted to explore, to live her life's greatest potential. But it didn't materialize or to show up until something major happened in my life.

Giving Email Personality


What if we could bring email to life? What if we could have a personality so that when you open it, you are immediately engaged with video, visuals, and things like that. And so, with that, Lisa started the journey of EyeMail.

Corporate Executive to CEO


Lisa stayed in corporate America as an executive for several years, and she worked every single day on EyeMail. After working her 9 to 5, she would on EyeMail until 3 am every single day for years. And then the moment came, time to transition to a full time CEO.

Knowing the Value of Your Customer


You need to understand that your business is there to serve the customer. It's not about your product. It's not about you. It's about how can you service your target customer.

Growing to Support Non-profit Organizations


EyeMail is looking at pivoting in multiple areas. As a global company, they now service non-profit organizations, where they are partnering with the Make A Wish Foundation, and that's where they grant wishes for critically ill children.

Advice for Entrepreneurs


For Solopreneurs, focus on your goal and mission every single day and just make it happen. Every day is not going to be sunshine and rainbows but it's about just staying that course no matter what!


Always listen for new opportunities to contribute and to grow. And to learn even in the darkness, or even by yourself. And always stay focused. Focus on your dream every single day, even without the structure. Take the ideas out of your head or thought process, put it on paper, so at least you could look at it every day. When you write it down, it's more concrete.


Understand that you as one person have so much power.


As an entrepreneur, celebrate your small and your large successes. A success could be anything that you determine it to be.


Expand your network. Sign up for some events amid COVID of this situation. Expand your knowledge base, note of people that are in those zoom sessions, and reach out to them take a chance to reach out you have nothing to lose and all to gain.

Lisa Key Quotes:


“Entrepreneurship was another channel for me to grow. And so, I think entrepreneurship found me and it was just part of my DNA of me to just explore it further”


“You got to pace yourself to know that it's okay. That the small and the big steps count every single day and to just take one step forward as you can.”


“In the darkness of it all as a solopreneur and building your brand, we need things to smile about to laugh about, to share and to grow.”

Connect with Lisa at EyeMail

Want to know more of EyeMail’s services and products? Visit their website at http://www.eyemailinc.com/ and bring your email to life.

You can also follow and get in touch with Lisa Jones personally through her LinkedIn.

EyeMail Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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